Meet The Neighbors: Homegrown Oregon Foods

Meet The Neighbors: Homegrown Oregon Foods
May 2, 2019 Lise Grato

For a moment you may think you’re in the wrong place as you walk past the Marrakesh Salon reception desk and wash stations, but venture a few more steps and you’ll find Shawna Turkins-Dugger, owner of Homegrown Oregon Foods, waiting to greet you with a smile.

Homegrown Oregon Foods began with jams and salsa vending at local fairs and events, in the past four years they have evolved into a restaurant, ready to eat meal prep service, caterer, and have developed a full line of cultured foods including Kefir and Kombucha.

“We offer many services at Homegrown Oregon to help you meet your healthy food needs and desires,” says Chris Dugger, Shawna’s husband and co-owner of the business.

“Our weekly food prep has been extremely successful and unrivaled in our area,” added Shawna. “We offer unique and delicious meals that are, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, grain-free and with no refined sugars. Our daily lunch service offers fresh hot healthy meals delivered right to your door, you can dine in or we offer take out.”

The restaurant also offers 100% organic cultured foods. All their ferments are brewed in house and with craftsmanship and care. They offer four seasonal brews of Kombucha and their always available Hibiscus Kombucha. They produce several different flavors of live raw vegan traditional sauerkraut.

Homegrown Oregon is a customer=centered business, they pride themselves in being able to provide specialized solutions to every customer’s needs and are committed to being accessible to all budgets. We are dedicated to using local farms with sustainable farming practices. 

They are the only 100% gluten-free commercial kitchen and food prep business in Linn County. Flours, wheat or even products containing wheat or gluten are not allowed in the restaurant.

“You can trust there won’t be any issues when you enjoy our food, cultured foods. and Probiotics,” Shawna added.

“We make all sauces and food in-house, we can control everything this way and ensure the highest craftsmanship and quality. Nothing is ever store-bought!”

With some help from CARA, Homegrown Oregon Foods is currently working to expand to a sit-down model with a move to the Schultz building at 212 First Ave. SE in the fall.

Their current address is 229 4th St SE (inside Marrakesh Salon). Hours are Tuesday-Friday 11 am-2 pm Phone orders can be placed at (541) 971-7174.