Meet The Neighbors: Brick Circuit & Galileo’s Corner

Meet The Neighbors: Brick Circuit & Galileo’s Corner
December 3, 2019 Lise Grato

Brick Circuit has brought fun and creativity to young and the young at heart in Downtown Albany.

Brick Circuit is owned by the Abbotts, a family of LEGO enthusiasts who want to connect with and serve other families who “love the brick.” Brick Circuit was started by friends of the Abbotts about 4 years ago in Corvallis. It quickly became one of the Abbotts’ favorite shops and when their friends relocated, the Abbotts purchased the business assets and moved the business to downtown Albany. The new Brick Circuit opened in April at the corner of Broadalbin & Second.

“We live in Albany and we wanted to be close to the carousel – another of our family’s favorite places,” said Corina Abbott.

“LEGO is a fabulous toy, but our passion goes even deeper.  We want to inspire and help equip others in the areas of creativity and innovation.  LEGO is perfect for that,” says Jim Abbott, materials scientist and author of over 50 patents.

Corina adds, “Purposeful, creative play is so important. That’s where our children bloom in areas of innovation, design, problem-solving, risk-taking…the list just goes on.” 

While Jim and Corina may be the owners, the real stars of the show are their teens.

“While my brothers and I all love LEGO, we are very different people and do different  things in  the  business,” explains

HeliAnna Abbott, age 19 and student at LBCC. “Saegis is our primary LEGO buyer and watches our inventory. Theon has taken charge of our BrickArms line and is really good at strategy and board games. Justice has a great eye for design and even though he is only 14, he designed our business cards.”

“Tolkien is one of my favorite authors, HeliAnna continued. “So when there is a Lord of the Rings LEGO set that needs to be completed, I usually claim it! We have some great employees that help us out, too, especially when we want to go do something as a family.” 

Brick Circuit offers new and used LEGO sets, collectible and build-your-own mini figures, LEGO Technic and Robotics Sets, and LEGO bricks, technic parts, and specialty pieces.

In the Galileo’s Corner, you can find STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) toys and products designed to inspire passion for exploration and discovery.  Kids can be a scientist with Yellow Scope and Thames and Cosmos Science Kits.  Model makers can find a new U-Gears project. The whole family can enjoy books and board games and explore rocks and fossils.

Hours are Mon–Fri 12:30-5:30 pm, Sat 10 am-5 pm. Closed Sunday. Special hours ’til Christmas: Mon-Sat 10 am-8 pm.

Brick Circuit is located at 133 SW Broadalbin St. They can be reached at (541) 207-1336 or visit them online.