“Drive Up Downtown” Helps Downtown Businesses

“Drive Up Downtown” Helps Downtown Businesses
April 8, 2020 Lise Grato

Downtown restaurants, tap houses and other essential businesses are working hard to take care of their customer and stay open. Albany Downtown Association has been in close contact with our Downtown members providing tools, support and marketing during this crisis.

Adding “Curbside Pickup Parking Only” zones for open restaurants and retail and facilitating the use of canopies, has been a great asset. Mayor Sharon Konopa has been a strong supporter of the program.

ADA created a “Drive Up Downtown” campaign to promote member businesses that are open in traditional, curbside and online models. Each day, we post a list of members that are open with their hours.

ADA has nearly 5000 followers on Facebook. Any given post is seen by hundreds to thousands of locals. We are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat to spread the word. Member posts are also featured on the ADA Facebook page.

ADA Curbside Pickup program and member businesses have been featured in the news multiple times since March 17. These stories are distributed by traditional and online avenues and shared repeatedly by the public on Facebook.

Depending on the day of the week, there are currently 10-17 restaurants, tap houses and a winery open for business.