Meet the Neighbors: Urban Ag Supply

Meet the Neighbors: Urban Ag Supply
April 2, 2018 Lise Grato

Their location on Ellsworth gives Urban Ag Supply high visibility, but it’s had to see what’s really going on behind the big windows. Step inside and you find a gardener’s happy place.

Sara and Patrick Chonaiew opened Urban Ag Supply in July with the help of Patrick’s son, Nick. They are well equipped to assist their customers. Patrick is a trained Master Gardener. Sara conducted a fellowship with a top USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certifying agency and has been trained by the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA).

“We are of a generation that still had general stores and full service feed and hardware stores –  the floor creaked when you walked in. When we created Urban Ag Supply we wanted to enliven that feeling we remember,” said Sara.

“Those stores were far from ‘big box’ and service was foremost. Shopkeepers not only understood the needs of specific shoppers, but cared about those needs as well. We aspire to that level of care, concern, and collaboration with our customers.”

The shop is full of things to help you cultivate food in your backyard or maximize yield from your container garden.

Urban Ag Supply focuses on supplies that are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved for use in certified organic production. They are the only local store dedicated to offering approved supplies.

They carry organic growing supplies, soil supplements, probiotics, and beneficials. They offer grow lights and lighting systems for those who want to get a head start on the season.

Containers, gloves, tools and accessories round out the stock. They even have a nice selection of gift items for your favorite gardening enthusiast.

“Our small family wants to help you learn to grow, enhance your production, and care for your harvest. Our increasingly taxed and crowded earth continues to provide for our needs and we believe due care, respect, and nurture is our responsibility,” commented Patrick.

They are working toward becoming a “community garden store” where there is not only commerce, but a place for open exchange among gardeners and growers and eventually classes and workshops. In line with this vision, within the store we also have an officially chartered Little Free Library to make access to gardening books available for everyone.

Sara, Patrick and Nick invite you to stop by Urban Ag Supply, introduce yourself, and learn how we can all grow together!

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