Meet The Neighbors: Downtown Winter Ideas

Meet The Neighbors: Downtown Winter Ideas
January 15, 2023 Marilla Anderson

(Article by Madison Ward)

Winter is here! Looking for something fun to do while indoors and staying warm? Here are some great Downtown options.

The Pix theatre in Albany Oregon

The Pix Theater

Have you visited The Pix since its recent renovation? The Pix has been a staple of Downtown Albany since 2006. Owners Rod & Denise Bigner just upgraded the homey theater to a new level. The lobby still has their extensive menu, signature dining area and movie paraphernalia to see before the movie showing. But now, the Pix’s theater room has new and comfier seats with trays to hold your delicious food along with a fantastic sound system for a
more immersive movie experience.

Check their social media for show information then select your seats online at and head to the theater at 321 2nd Ave. SW.


Urban Ag Supply Albany Oregon

Urban Ag Supply

Are your plants at home ready for the winter? Or, want some more green in your home as it gets harder to go outside? Urban Ag Supply is the place for you to go. They have been supplying plant and green care to Albany since
July 2018. Father and son owners Patrick and Nick Chonaiew are always very welcoming and able to answer
your plant questions. Not only is there a selection of locally made pots and soil, but there is a variety of other plant needs. Looking for a specific plant? You will probably find it there. Air plants, hanging plants, low light or high light, you name it. Urban Ag also has a variety of books to learn about garden plants, house plants and more. Supporting the community is at the core of Urban Ag with various lip balms, honeys, sauces, rubs and other
locally made products also sold there. Urban Ag Supply is open 7 days a week and can be reached at (541)497-2988. Visit them at 456 2nd Ave SW.


Surefire Design Albany Oregon

Surefire Design

Looking for a fun indoor activity to do this winter? Surefire Design is the place to visit. They offer various pottery shapes like mushrooms, plates, cups, and more for you to custom paint. After you are done painting, they will kiln fire and glaze it. Then in a few days, you get to take home your newly
created masterpiece! Jenny Darling opened her business in 2000. You might recognize it from the various painted pieces seen from the studio windows. Surefire offers a peaceful place to paint your shape and the team would love to help answer your questions about colors and pottery. For your crafty fix this winter, visit Surefire Design. Stop by 201 SW 2nd Ave and check them out. They are open 7 days a week. Their number is (541) 928-7339.


Ba's Vietnamese Comfort Food, Albany Oregon

Ba’s Vietnamese Comfort Food

Want a fun and tasty place to visit this winter? Ba’s Vietnamese Comfort Food is a great place to go. The owners are Karen and Seth Carey and they opened Ba’s in 2019 and have been widely enjoyed by Albany since. They offer a wide variety of Vietnamese food and drinks like various Pho, noodle salads, teas and more! Not only can you dine inside their restaurant and enjoy its comfy atmosphere, but you could choose to pick up or try their seasonal outdoor dining. Do you need vegan or vegetarian options? Ba’s offers both, so no need to stress. For a delicious warm meal perfect for the cold weather, visit Ba’s. Visit Ba’s at 117 1st Ave. E, Ste 104 or call (541) 791-7299.


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