Meet the Neighbors: Summery Mocktails

Meet the Neighbors: Summery Mocktails
June 2, 2024 Christina Soot

Are you looking for something fun to toast the day, but alcohol isn’t on your menu? Many Downtown restaurants and distilleries have fun mocktail options for celebrations large and small!

Calapooia Brewing 210 Hill St. NE (541) 928-1931

Celebrate summer with Calapooia’s chilly mocktail slushy. Flavors rotate weekly. They also have their newly released Dappled Tonic water in cans and on tap, alongside the pub favorite house-made root beer.


Deluxe Brewing 635 Water Ave. NE (541) 928-7699

Enjoy house-made ginger beer, handcrafted sodas and a selection of mocktails including Don’t Call Me Shirley! They are featuring a Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade in June.


Grazing Oregon Charcuteries 115 Ellsworth St. SW (541) 791-7105

“Dry” Libations menu

• Haru Strawberry

• Mango Lassi

• Rosemary’s Rouge

• Live, Lav, Love

• Sparkling Verdejo Wine

• Midnight Sun

• Aegean Sea


Greyhound Tavern 220 2nd Ave. SW (458) 253-4049

“Mocktails” menu

• Lavender Limeade

• Berry Bomb

• Strawberry Mint Lemonade


The Squeaky Cork 136 1st Ave. W (541) 981-2140

Transport yourself to the cool Oregon forests with a thirst-quenching Huckleberry Mocktail Mule.


Sweet Red Bistro 208 2nd Ave. W (541) 704-0510

“Zero Proof” menu

• Peachtini – Peach, Mango, Lemon & Sugar with Sugar Rim … Up

• Seasonal Spritz – Seasonal Flavors, Citrus & Soda Water … Rocks

• Not–So–Moscow Mule – Berry, Citrus & Sugar Virgin Mule … Rocks

• Calabrian Mockarita – Lime, Lemon, Cinnamon & Calabrian Peppers with Lava Salt Rim … Rocks

• Nonspringa – Mango, Lime, Coconut, Chili Oil & Condensed Milk … Up


Wine Crush 329 2nd Ave. SW (541) 730-3332

Perfect for summery nights, Sin-gria is our Sangria sin vino (without wine).

• Traditional Sin-gria – apple, grape and orange juice.

• Mango Peach Sin-gria – orange juice, peach juice and mango nectar.