Meet The Neighbors: Natural Sprinkles Co.

Meet The Neighbors: Natural Sprinkles Co.
February 1, 2019 Lise Grato

Downtown Albany was excited to have Natural Sprinkles open at the corner of  2nd and Ellsworth in November and that enthusiasm continues to build.

Jolene Wilson is the creator and owner of Natural Sprinkles Co. which she started as an online company to fill a need for natural sprinkles, ones made with out dyes and artificial flavors. The sprinkle line offers bakers vegan, paleo and sugar-free options.

“We believe everyone should be able to add some sprinkle fun in their life!” said Jolene.

Jolene’s family is a big part of the Sprinkles company. Jolene and her husband, Chad, have been following their dream which included his Navy career and moving back to Albany.

Their plan was to grow the company from online to a physical location. As they were trying to find a place, they found a home at the Albany Farmers’ Market on Saturdays Spring to Fall.

With the expansion to the farmer’s market, Jolene also expanded their offerings from sprinkles to a full line of baked goods. She bakes farm-to-table style offering cupcakes, fresh bread, scones, cookies, bars, buttercream cookie sandwiches and more.

Jolene started baking for her son Lynden’s first birthday. Lynden, now 10, is in love with the Sprinkle’s bread line. Jolene’s youngest, Aida, age 8, likes to help bake and wants to take over the company when she’s older.

“I love cooking with family, My favorite thing about the business is being able to work with the local community,” she commented.

Margin Coffee carries a limited selection of Sprinkle’s fresh baked goods. In return, Sprinkles serves Margin Coffee “It’s a great partnership,” Jolene added.

The storefront is doing very well. They currently have two bakers and are looking to hire a third this month.

“We make unique and natural custom sprinkles to bring a new and vibrant design to any baker or home cooks creation. Sprinkles are available in-store and online order and can be picked up at the bakery location. All products are natural and hand made,” Jolene shared.

Natural Sprinkles Co. is located at 202 2nd Ave. SW. They can be reached at (541) 704-0445 or see them on Facebook or Their hours are Tuesday – Thursday 9 am-5 pm, Friday 9 am-7 pm and Saturday 9 am-6 pm. They are closed Sunday and Monday.