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No Dinx

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  • 139 1st Avenue E, Albany OR 97321
  • (541) 967-8494

About No Dinx

No Dinx was started in 1989 by Corey Barton and then partner Jeff Waldien. At the time, they were teammates on a men’s volleyball team and formed No Dinx to create, brand and sell volleyball clothing. Largely due to the quality of design they put into everything, word quickly spread and they had formed a large number of clients that wanted them to design and print clothing for them and their businesses. Although No Dinx is now a national brand and you would have a hard time going to a volleyball tournament and not seeing a No Dinx shirt on somebody, we also are one of the Mid Valley’s oldest and largest screen printing companies.

Our philosophy of design has not changed over the years and is the cornerstone of everything we do and create. We have an in-house team of designers who specialize in graphic design, web design and t-shirt design. Because our main philosophy is design, we have a very unique approach to business – we offer complimentary design to all screen printing clients. It’s this approach and philosophy that has driven our growth and direction. Since everything we do is based on quality and professional design, you know that your project will be professional, beautiful and guaranteed to make you look good!


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