Albany to Make Double Application for OMS Revitalization Grant

Albany to Make Double Application for OMS Revitalization Grant
March 16, 2023 Marilla Anderson

Albany Downtown Association plans to submit two applications for the OMS Revitalization Grant this year.

We had a number of strong candidates and, after site visits and two Grant Selection Committee meetings, it was narrowed to two projects, The Briggs Building and The Greyhound Tavern.

These applicants were given another week to provide design plans, detailed contractor bids and answer extensive questions. Both proved to be stellar applicants taking our concerns and those of your team in stride. They reworked plans, met with city departments and pressed the same architect to work endless hours. Both brought it to the finish line.

The Briggs Building Albany Oregon

Since selection, they have shown to be incredible partners with fast responses to our questions and requests. The projects are both amazing and accomplish different goals of the Albany Downtown Association, the City of Albany and the community.

The Briggs Building is a historic wooden building in danger of being lost. It is leaning and needs to be shored up, the electrical redone, sprinklers added, the addition of ADA-compliant amenities and more. It brings full activation of an upper floor, adds two Downtown housing units and a revitalized historic façade.

While the original 1930 Greyhound Bus Depot and Greyhound Tavern burned in the 60’s, both the historic and new building housed multiple popular restaurants and night spots over the years making this location an enduring Albany hub. Now derelict, it sits empty adjacent to the beautiful Novak’s, Margin Coffee and Natural Sprinkles buildings. The project will reactivate the property as a family friendly destination offering wood-fired pizza and a music venue, matching social media feedback of what’s lacking in Downtown Albany.

Greyhound Tavern Albany Oregon

Both properties are held by women owned companies and their projects will expand Downtown Albany’s family friendly opportunities and ADA accessibility to the buildings.

Varitone Architecture is designing both projects.

It is unusual for a Main Street community to submit two applications, but we find both urgent and the grants highly needed.

The grant applications will be submitted by March 17th and await award announcements in May.